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About Sikkim

Sikkim is a state in East India that boarders China, Nepal and Bhutan in the Himalayan foot hills. This state is also known as landlocked Indian State which is the only state in the country with an ethnic Nepali majority. Sikkim is a state completely flourished by attractive and naturally blessed places which is fashionable by the extended greenery on the entire landscape and the spectacular views from this hill station are very beautiful.

History of Sikkim

The history of Sikkim, an area in present-day North-East India, begins with contacts between ancient Hindus and Tibetans, followed by the establishment of a Buddhist kingdom or Chogyal in the 17th century. Sikkim emerged as a polity in its own right against a backdrop of incursions from Tibet and Bhutan, during which the kingdom enjoyed varying degrees of independence.

Festival of Sikkim

Festivals bring liveliness and fun in the monotony of daily life. India is a land of festivals and Sikkim, being a part, doesn't stay behind. The people of Sikkim celebrate scores of festivals with full gusto and fervor. Since, there are people from diverse religions in Sikkim, so they all have their own festivals to celebrate. However, the mutual harmony amongst dwellers paints the whole state in the colors of festivities.

Culture of Sikkim

Sikkim today is a rapidly evolving society. Its major towns like Gangtok the capital city, Namchi and Jorethang already are urbanizing at a steady pace. More and more people are being attracted by business opportunities and gradually imbibing the cosmopolitan character