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About Meghalaya Meghalaya is a major state in Northeast India. It is regarded as one of the Seven Sister States of India. Meghalaya information refers to all the useful information concerning the state of Meghalaya such as its government, people, population, climate, economy, history, weather, and the utility companies offering different types of public utility services to the people of the state. The state encompasses a total area of 22,429 km2 or 8,772.2 sq miles History of Meghalaya Emergence of Meghalaya as an Autonomous State on 2nd April 1970 and as a full-fledged State on 21st January 1972 marked the beginning of a new era of the geo-political history of North Eastern India. It also marked the triumph of peaceful democratic negotiations, mutual understanding and victory over violence and intrigue Festival of Meghalaya Nongkrem Dance Festival: Nongkrem Dance Festival (held annually in November) is a five day festival which is celebrated for the harvest thanksgiving by the Khasi tribe. The Nongkrem Dance is the most important festival of the Khyrim state. Wangala Festival: Wangala or the harvest Festival runs for two days. The festival is dedicated to the sun god of fertility. Wangala is the greatest traditional festival of Garo tribes, who live in Meghalaya, India, Assam and Greater Mymensingh in Bangladesh. Behdienkhlam Festival: Behdienkhalm Festival is celebrated by the people from Jaintia Tribe of Meghalaya. The festival is the most celebrated religious festival among the Jaintia tribe. Culture of Meghalaya The people of Meghalaya have a rich tribal cultural heritage. One of the distinct features of the culture of the people is their tradition of matrilineal system where lineage and inheritance are traced through women. Dance is an indispensible part of the culture of the people Meghalaya especially among the Khasi community.


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